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It's very funny that Starshine's writing prompt today is a rainy day... because it's been raining and raining and raining here. I love it! I recently went to the library, so I have lots of yummy reading goodness to jump into, my boys are here, my kitties were curled up on my lap the whole time we watched Matrix Reloaded earlier tonight. Super cozy. The only one disappointed member of our family is Jack, who's going to get a much shorter walk than he might usually.

When I went to the library, I was browsing the shelves, and found the section with books by Brian Weiss and James van Praagh. Since my experience of connecting with someone who had crossed over, I've been reading here and there about how to develop that skill - I see how it brings people comfort. Usually, the tips on mediumship development are part of another book - the first part is experiences and stories, then just a chapter or so on development. I was standing at that book section, just thinking, "I really wish there was a whole book on how to develop that, one that really went into everything." The same moment I thought that, I looked down, and there was a book called - of all things - So, You Want to Be A Medium? I just cracked up. Why, yes, yes I do. Thanks for asking. I'm enjoying reading it so far. The author makes a point of saying it takes time and effort for most to cultivate the ability -- I'm ready!

I have another story of not connecting directly, but getting information about a person another medium was connected with, that I'll tell at another time. It was intense!

Well - off to walk the poor neglected dog (not really - he's had his head on my leg the whole time I was typing!), then come back to warm jammies, and curl up with my book, listening to this rain fall. Seth is sleeping after we read a few chapters in The Invention of Hugo Cabret, and Evan is talking with his friends on the phone. I bet he'll get on World of Warcraft once I'm done here.

Hope you're snug and content where you are!


Starshine said...

No rain here today. Hot desert winds!

Fun that my rainy day prompt actually landed on a rainy day for you!

Madge said...

it is one of those cozy saturday's at our house as well. i'm snuggling in tight with my boys today

Dia said...

Don't know if you've read any of his, but Dannion Brinkley's books are so powerful - saved by the Light, Healed by the Light . . .
Dannion was struck by lightning, & out of body for several minutes, & had a full
'near death experience!' His now does a lot of hospice type work (was a CIA or FBI operative!!) & helps folks do as much soul clearing before they pass as he can!