Tiny Ninjas in My Life

"Go see the tiny ninjas" has become a shorthand phrase for me - and a reminder to show up!

At the 37 Days retreat, sweet Mary offered to lead a yoga session (early) Sunday morning. I planned on doing it, then when (early) Sunday came, I was feeling... well... maybe.... It *is* early, and I *am* an introvert, and I *could* use this time to read, or be alone. Plus, I'm not a regular yoga practicer and I was worried about looking silly! Then I heard in my head: Go see the tiny ninjas! Realized it wasn't that early, I could have my alone time on the drive home, and looking silly should be a requirement for living. I did yoga - and feel closer to Mary than I would have otherwise! It was lovely.

Last night, there was a fundraising "coffeehouse" at my church. We're partners with a church in Transylvania; we raise funds for whatever needs they might have, and people from each church have developed relationships together. I originally planned on going - but I was at home, it was getting chilly, I'd have to take the bus... then I remembered: Go see the tiny ninjas! So off I went. And was SO moved by a ten-year-old singing "World" (History Starts Now) I teared up, then couldn't stop crying, so I got a hug and iced tea from a woman I was just getting to know - and when we saw each other today, we were closer, just like that. I saw a 20-something woman sing a duet from "Don Giovanni" with a 70-something man - so convincingly beautiful, I wanted them to end up together! Showing up for life. Seeing the tiny ninjas. Not hiding behind my TV.

Tonight, I have a ticket to see Lisa Williams - and I was up a million times last night with a rumbly tummy, and I've felt not-so-well all day. I think it's nerves over meeting her! I've thought briefly of not going - I could probably sell the ticket. I'm not going with anyone else. I'll feel lonely. But - I'm going. Despite the nerves. I'm going to see the tiny ninjas. I'll be out there, alone and maybe a little lonely. But I'll be there. Me and the tiny ninjas.

Thanks, Patti.


Frank said...

Hi! Thanks for visting my blog and playing the sportscar game. You're correct about the second movie quote; it's from Indiana Jones 3. The first quote is from Mad Max when he first meets the future "maxmobile."

For getting the Indiana Jones quote, I'll hafta think of a prize for you which I can mail across country!

Pam Genant said...

You went to see Lisa Williams? Where? I would have gone with you, how COOL!!! How was it?