Aw, And She's So Cute, Too!

We've been experiencing a problem with our TV for a few months - when the television gets turned off, and it gets turned on again, closed captioning is automatically there. For a while, we could turn it off with the remote, and as long as the TV stayed on, the captioning stayed off. Unfortunately, the remote stopped working a couple weeks ago - I don't know if that particular button just got worn out, or what happened. We changed the batteries, I tried reprogramming it... nothing. It just wasn't working. And until we decide that a new remote is a spending priority, we are living with the captions. It's not that bad.

Evan said captioning helped him learn to read. I remember that! He went through a James Bond phase, where we rented and watched every James Bond film, in the order of release. We'd watch it together, then he would frequently re-watch them, with the subtitles on.

This is giving me a new perspective. I'm very grateful I don't actually need the closed captioning, because it is very frequently completely wrong, or just gibberish. I automatically assumed that closed captioning would always be what the characters were actually saying, but that's often not the case. This is just a minor inconvenience to us, but for someone who was relying on the captions to get information, or the actual dialogue, this has to be incredibly frustrating.

We do enjoy seeing how different shows handle different things: We watched Chowder earlier tonight, and one of the characters was very gassy. It just said, right out loud [farts]. Some shows use different vernacular, like (passes gas). Guess it depends on the audience.

I'm very grateful for many, many reasons to have my hearing. Right now, the reason I'm most grateful, is that if I were deaf

Ellen DeGeneres would have no head.*

*Yeah. The entire hour was like this.

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