Shift of Perspective

I am very excited about the vision I have for the painting I started the other day. I really, really hope I can recreate what I'm seeing in my head - I love the idea of it.

Here's a hint:

The mood is so very different than what I started with! I'm really happy about it.

It feels good to be so excited about something *I'm* making!

Here's another hint:

Hope I can pull it off!


Leah said...

i'm sure it will be lovely, caren. and if you don't pull it off in this one, try another and keep going at it til you get closer. my vision often changes once i start on a painting too. it's fun to see what happens. looking forward to seeing your creation!

Ann said...

Looks like you are taking flight...or migration to something new!

Anonymous said...

How interesting! Love your blog! I am from Concord, NC, I have an art degree, I am a paralegal and part time freelance writer and I very interested in psychic things. I will have to try the meditating book you posted here.