An Abundant Life

Ronnie left a comment in my post about finding a model for a drawing I'm working on:

"....you can get one of those jointed dolls cartoonists use. Chloe has one, and it's pretty handy."

Oh. You mean... like the jointed model that came with a drawing kit I bought the boys a few months ago, and they hadn't cracked open yet? The one I grabbed because it was on clearance-clearance - half price of the clearance price?

The one that came with different types of pencils, and different types of paper, too? The one with a tiny little sketch pad like I've been wishing I had to carry around?

The one that came with these two tools, which, as I was drawing my meditating girl, I was really really wishing I had?

Go. Figure.

It's been here the whole time! I have everything I need. And the boys were happy to share.

"Abundance is not something we acquire. It's something we tune in to." ~ Wayne Dyer


tysdaddy said...

Great Dyer quote. It is funny how what we *need* is generally right under our nose . . .

Leah said...

teehee! what a great post! i love how you found that everything you needed was already there.

Madge said...

i love that dyer quote. i need to put it up all over my house and stop whining about all the things i wish i had or were happening and just be here.

Julie @ Letter9 said...

my mantra is getting more and more famous... i also recently saw someone posted the picture from that art show on her blog. : )