Itty Bitty Art

Recently, I've come across a couple of articles or TV shows about teeny tiny artwork...

On Food Network Unwrapped, they had an episode that included Bob Shamey, a man who carves peach pits, cherry pits... and toothpicks! Check out these carvings:

In order, they are a peach pit, plum seed, sweet cherry pit, dogwood seed, and wild cherry pit.

Click on that picture to see the teensy tinesy train.

He also holds the Guinness record for carving 17 links in a toothpick chain.

Holy cow.

And I can't remember where I saw it first, but Willard Wigan's sculptures can fit in the eye of a needle, or on the head of a pin!

He said he had carved Snow White, but he thinks he might have inhaled her.

Which, is not kind of me, but cracks me up.

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