I totally forgot about posting yesterday - forgot about NaBloPoMoFo and Art Every Day. It slipped my mind. And not because anything extraordinary happened, or I was too busy. In the time that I normally would have been writing, the boys and I, and an extra emergency backup boy, were cuddled on the couch, watching the episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory we had taped the day before.

I had gone to Charlotte's annual Thanksgiving Interfaith service with a friend - a friend with whom I always end up laughing. What a great service! People of all faiths, coming together. The church was HUGE. The minister at my church was the speaker, and I wondered how he was feeling being in such a big space, with so many people. He did such a great job! He is a powerful speaker.

I got home, and we had pizza, and watched those shows, and Evan showed me some very funny youtube videos. We finished up the book I was reading to Seth, and he and his friend who stayed over, stayed up, playing their DSes. (Is that how you spell that?) I walked the dog, went to bed, and didn't think a thing about blogging at all.

I didn't miss it. I love my life.

Then again, maybe that is extraordinary.

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