Art Every Day #6

I kept seeing a pink-ish shape, so drew that... then I saw it was coming from the moon!! LOL I'm really having fun with this - it came out very different than what I originally saw in my mind - I wish I could scan what's in my head! I hope to get more supplies this weekend - some paint of some type, and brushes. This was Crayola and Caran d'Ache!

I found myself reluctant to post this - there are so many *real* artists taking part in AEDM. Then I remembered 1) There are no rules and 2) I'm not doing this to compete in any way! Already, it's opened something inside of me... I'm wanting to see things, really see them. I drew that tree free-hand, kind of panicking the whole time because I didn't know how it would turn out. Then I looked up, and what was I looking at, but a tree! Right outside my window. I could have *looked up* and drawn what I saw. It also took me a while to get the eyes right - every nuance of pupil placement and eye shape really makes a difference! I wanted the moon to be a *bit* surprised, but also kind of matter-of-fact about this pink torrent she was producing.

I wanted the left side to be almost like a sunrise, but those colors didn't come out like I wanted them to at all. More experimenting! More learning. And I need a different erasable medium than my #2 pencil; that didn't erase cleanly at all.

I'm also seeing this challenge as one completed piece every day, then let it go. That's not a rule! But I decided that this morning, when I was thinking, "I could do a little bit, then edit, then more, then edit, and take pictures along the way." I thought - I'm just going to do one thing every day. Just to get used to it - hopefully this blog and other notes will remind me what I want to go back to, and look at more deeply!

And I'm posting it, too - the picture yesterday, I kept thinking: This isn't ART. I shouldn't link to it from Leah's blog! People will laugh. BUT - it is something I created. Before this challenge, I would have clipped a picture or two from Google images - but this, I created. I drew and cut and pasted and colored.

Progress, not perfection.

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Leah said...

i love it, caren! i love that you followed your intuition in creating. and you *are* a real artist. i'm so glad you didn't let your inner critic keep you from sharing!