Ooh, Fun!

Oh, boy! A picture of my new toy, a nice set of watercolors!

The only thing I knew about watercolors before now was how each pan of color would end up mixed with all the other colors, so it would be unusable.

With just a *tiny* bit of reading, I found out how to avoid that - mix the colors in a tray, not on the brush - and I'm reading about all these different watercolor techniques. I can't wait to play more.

I'm finding it slightly ironic, too, that I paid for these with a gift card from work. Each month, they put names on a "thank you" board, for folks who have gone the extra mile, or gotten compliments from our customers. At the end of the month, a name is pulled from all the names on the board, and that person gets a little giftie. I was a winner in September - yay, me! Watercolors seem so... un-worky! I am loving that this is how they came to me.

And the set-up of this set is so enjoyable! Tiny removable plastic trays of color, each one wrapped up like a gift itself. So I got to unwrap 15 tiny square gifts, as I opened the set. And the little brush - the top of the brush is inside the handle; you pull it out and put it together. sigh I love it.

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Leah said...

yay! what a neat way to get a set of watercolor paints! love your picture!