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I am working through The Artist's Way with some amazing people I met online, in Steve Pavlina's forums. I have not been diligent about doing all of the suggested exercises, but I have done morning pages every single morning. I don't know what I'd do without them now; that, plus some meditation, really centers me for my day.

For the past couple of days, I write my morning pages, and sometimes during them, or maybe after I write, I end up doodling. I think these are things that have popped up from time to time before, but I ignored the urge to draw - probably telling myself I couldn't do it! But now I'm capturing ideas there, or sometimes just following the pen. This morning, I made six lines - then six more, in a slightly different way. I just kept playing - I probably would have played more if my page had been bigger!

My favorite part is the two sets of six lines in the middle, with the shading. As I was scanning the picture in, I suddenly saw they could be legs, too - either white legs or dark legs. It might be fun to just make those same six lines, and shade in something different each time, to see what might come out.

It's been a long time since I even doodled! So I love how Art Every Day Month has made me notice that desire to draw, and act on it, even if it's something small or silly.

I ordered Danny Gregory's Creative License about a year ago for Evan - and I've borrowed it back from him! I've only flipped through it, and I already love the openness and playfulness of it - and lack of perfectionism! It's subtitled Giving Yourself Permission to be the Artist You Truly Are.

I went drumming last night, and had the most amazing experience with a woman from Pennsylvania. Before we officially met, I noticed she was so free with her drumming, really just having fun with it. It ends up she teaches musical improvisation! How cool is that? (Check out her site - such a great picture of her! It really captures her beauty.) So I'm getting the same message everywhere: follow your heart and your impulse, don't self-edit, let go. Be free - it gives others permission to be free, too.

Be myself. 'Cause who else would I wanna be, anyway?

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Byron said...

"The Artist's Way" changed my life. I read it when I was sixteen and it blew me away... my journals literally changed the moment I was done reading that book. I also learned to NEVER tear out of your journal... that's where you're supposed to make mistakes... who really sees them other than you and why do you want to hide mistakes from yourself?