I Don't Think This is Cheating...

Well - I figured if I was going to be posting art every day, then I'd be posting every day, and that meant I can also take part in NaBloPoMo - one post every day for the month of November. Now I have two incentives to post every day!!

I have, since early on, been a blogging without obligation kinda blogger -- and listen, two different personality tests that I took said I don't much care for obligations! I don't put much stock in those usually - but I thought it was very funny that they both said the same thing, and I took them within days of each other. AND I don't much care for obligations. Hmmm... We'll see where this goes - I can do *anything* for 30 days, right?

I'm posting my art every day the day *after* I make it - so I'll be posting art starting tomorrow! I'm excited.

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