Pizza Box Protest

I did not get a picture (darn it!) but today I made a poster for a pro-gay marriage rally here in Charlotte. It said, in nice large letters, Marriage = (heart) + (heart). I was laughing at myself because I didn't have any posterboard here, and I had NO idea how I was going to make a poster... then I saw a pizza box. A pizza box with a nice white bottom. And at first, I wasn't going to use it! People will be able to tell it's a pizza box! And they'll laugh! Man, it's those unexamined thoughts that make ya crazy. Because as soon as I examined it, I realized how goofy that was, and I made my poster.

I was so pleased at the turn-out for the rally! For something not planned a long time in advance, in Charlotte, NC, we had a GREAT turn-out. I'm terrible at estimating numbers of people - but I'm thinking maybe 200? And I saw my minister there, and several members of my church. It made me so proud! We'll speak out for justice where it's needed. I left about an hour before it was over, to go to a church crafting thing.

Which made me laugh - Close your eyes and picture this: A woman going to her church, with her children in tow. They are going to create ornaments, picture frames, and other gifts to go in Christmas gift baskets for people who need a little extra care this season, for one reason or another. Now picture this: A woman holding a gay rights sign, chanting, "Gay, straight, black, white - marriage is a civil right!", yelling in approval when passers-by honk their horns. Well - they were both me! So much for stereotypes, eh?

Previously, when I've made posters or used markers, I just put the paper down and start drawing. Today, I made an outline in pencil first, erased what I thought didn't look good, fixed that, then filled it in with color. This whole make a first draft thing with art, blows my mind. I always thought people were naturally gifted, and they put the ink or paint to page with no planning. And when I put ink or paint to page and it looked crappy, I just thought - well, I don't have the gift. Planning! Pencil outlines! A whole new world has been opened to me. I do know that NOT planning and NOT using pencil, etc. is a valid way to create, too - and I DO believe some people are naturally gifted artists. But I no longer feel that I have no talent at all. You can *erase* your mistakes, THEN put the ink on. It's really cool.

Sorry for no pic!

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