If You Act, As You Think, The Missing Link...

I love how things just come together.

I've been working on a drawing, a sketch really. I wanted to capture a meditating girl. I was inspired in the RE class I teach at church - I'm teaching preschool this year. *How much* do I LOVE preschoolers? Oh, my gosh - they are so funny and free and sweet. Each Sunday, we do a volcano breath, where we capture ALL their feelings and thoughts and experiences over the past week, gather them up in our hands and WHOOSH, let 'em go. Then, we sit down and do a few seagull breaths, to get calm and centered. This past Sunday, when an adorable girl named Charlotte was doing her seagull breaths, she was just radiating peace. Her eyes were closed, and her little hands were clasped under her chin. It was amazing to see, and inspirational to be around. I was wondering how I might capture that.

I was watching Making Fiends with Seth earlier this week, and it struck me how simple the drawings really were . Here are Vendetta (in green) and - get this - Charlotte (in blue):

Making Fiends is a very, very funny show, with lots of dark humor. But look how they're drawn! Really, really simple, no great detail. I thought about that, then tried to sketch something out:

So, the proportions are a little off - it's the first sketch of her that I tried! And it doesn't capture the spirit of real-life Charlotte - but I think you can tell it's a girl, meditating. I'm going to try doing it a few more times, to see if I can get closer to what I want. I was thinking I needed a model! I wasn't sure where to put the feet, or how they should go. And exactly how do those hands look, anyway? I was considering asking one of the boys if they would pose for me, so I could get a better idea of how things look.

Then today, I went in to the office. Usually, I work from home, but they had a potluck pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving meal, and they had called to make sure I would be there. It was nice to go in and see everyone. I was on my way out and was saying my goodbyes, and one of my coworkers was playing with this little foam doll. I said, "How cute!" and she just handed her to me. Apparently, they had ordered a ton of these dolls, so everyone who wanted could have one on their desk, reminding them of centeredness and peace.

Here she is:

My model! How awesome is that? And she won't get all wiggly and need a water break. I think I'll call her... Charlotte. You can't tell in the picture, but she's shaped like a real woman, with a tummy and wide hips.

I've lived here, in Charlotte, NC, my whole life. After Evan was born, I thought about moving to a place that felt more like "me" - maybe Asheville, NC, or maybe I'd find an intentional community. Someplace away from banks and bankers and McMansions. Through my meditation practice, I got a clear message that if I stayed here, and could find peace here, that challenge would help me grow. Kinda like - if you can be happy in Charlotte, you can be happy nearly anywhere! So I decided to stay. And I have grown, and I've found my tribe, and I've worked to make Charlotte a place where other like-minded people would want to be.

So, her name is Charlotte. And she has a secret name, too, but I can't tell you that: It's a secret!

The post title on 11/17 was a line from The Police song "Synchronicity I" - and I'm putting another line on today's! I love how she came to me at just the right time, just when I needed a model of a meditating girl - one that was kind of simple. Just when I've re-dedicated myself to daily zen practice, too.

Right place, right time.


Ann said...

I actually *love* your first drawing...but look forward to seeing your future ones as well, with your new model! :)

happydays525 said...

What a fun post, and I too love that first sketch but am looking forward to future ones as well!

Ronnie said...

Love your model! But if you want one that's more flexible for future drawings, you can get one of those jointed dolls cartoonists use. Chloe has one, and it's pretty handy.

Leah said...

don't ya just love synchronicity!?! :-)