That Movie that Opened Today

Loved it! If you're a fan, it feels like coming home. My friend and I were both boo-hooing, then laughing... it's a lot of fun. Nothing earth-shattering or life-changing - but now I do want to watch all the DVDs in order again! The movie is *almost* a parody of the show, it's almost like the characters are playing themselves, if that makes sense. Not over the top, exactly, but Charlotte is VERY winsome, Miranda is VERY practical... it's like they overdid the essence of each person, I guess so people who didn't know them would know what they were about.

One of my favorite lines: Samantha develops a little tummy pooch, then realizes that she's overeating rather than cheating on Smith, and she wonders what that means... Carrie says, "What does your gut tell ya?" Heh.

And one very, very sweet scene: Carrie is going through her clothes with everyone, deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are on her bed, holding up "take" or "toss" signs; she holds up the pink dress she wore through the opening credits of the series, which didn't change for all six seasons: Unanimous "TAKE".

I think, if you're not a fan, there's some things you won't get, but I'm guessing it would be enjoyable anyway. But, I have no perspective about that.

I'm glad they made it! And glad I saw it.


Life is Good when You Have Sex & The City... or something like that

Chickens from Savage Chickens

I am SO freakin' grateful today, unlike last week.

1st) For all my unschooling friends who were able to go to Life Is Good... I swear I could feel the energy from the weekend lifting me up all the way over here on the East Coast - and that was before I read any of your blog entries. Now that I have read some, I feel even higher. The Northeast Conference happened, too, and I can't wait to be borne on the updrafts of both of these gatherings. Magic happens when unschoolers get together, and I'm grateful to be part of the community - even if we couldn't physically be at either conference.

2nd) I got PASSES to see Sex & The City -- a DAY before it opens!!! So, that would be... (drumroll)... tomorrow! FREE PASSES. I went to a takeover, which isn't usually my thing - I don't drink and I don't feel comfortable in bars... but they were giving away passes, so I went, just long enough to get them. I tried to talk to a few people, but felt awkward and out of place, so left soon after. I honestly feel like I'm going to see some great old friends when I see the movie. I watched the DVDs the first winter my husband and I separated. Let me tell ya, these DVDs and Chocolate Stuff from the Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love will get you through just about anything. I love these women. And, yeah, I know they're fictional. I love them anyway.

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HACK, cough, cough. Sniff.

So - one cold, icy day, there was a funeral. As the pallbearers were headed from the church to the hearse, one of them slipped, accidentally dropping the handle he held and banging into the guy in front of him, causing him to fall, and everyone to drop the casket. The steps were so icy, the casket slid right down them into the street, down the hill, gaining speed all the way. It stopped at the bottom, feet-first, right in the doorway of a drugstore - the door was too narrow for the casket to fit through, and it hit the door with such force, that it stood up on end and the cover banged open. The pharmacist was so shocked at seeing a corpse standing in his doorway, he said the first thing that came to mind: "C-C-Can I help you?"

The corpse said, "Yeah, you got anything to stop this coffin?"


Cough, cough. Sniff.

We're all sick here. It started with Seth, he was coughing and coughing and coughing on Thursday, and he had a fever and took a nap. You know they're sick when they lie down in the middle of the day. And both Evan and I woke up yesterday with sore throats and coughs and runny noses.

And, despite my knowledge that more production = bad for our planet, when I feel this way, I will have Puffs Plus. Not recycled, thin as a breath generic tissues. Fluffy, soft Puffs Plus, with Lotion.

And we're seriously low on furniture here, when we moved, we got rid of all the old, stained ripped-up stuff - which was basically everything - and we haven't been able to replace it yet. Well, I could probably have replaced it with more old ripped-up stuff, but I'm holding out for something that might last a while. Beggars CAN be choosers. Unfortunately, you can't curl up and moan and watch cable TV on a lawn chair, it just doesn't work. So I'm reading in bed, listening to NPR, wondering... maybe I do want a TV in my bedroom. (NO I don't!!) The boys are with their dads this weekend, curled up and moaning and watching cable TV at their houses. Actually, Seth is better now, which gives me hope that this will pass quickly. 'Til then, it's me and our remaining cats and the dog, waiting for This American Life, listening to Peter Sagal and Garrison Keillor in the meantime. At some point, I'll shuffle to the kitchen for some OJ & soup.

It's not such a bad day. Hand me a tissue, will ya?



I don't have an attitude of gratitude today - I just have an attitude. So, I'm grateful for friends who, when I say, "I'm not grateful for anything!" laugh 'cause they know how untrue that is.

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I Had a Crush on Murray

Why was I crying and laughing as I watched TV yesterday afternoon?

Was it a moving, emotional show, exploring how someone can share their heart with us, and remain positive and loving, despite obstacles?

Photo of Mattie Stepanek from http://www.mattieonline.com/


Was it a well-made movie, bringing me to the depths of feeling?


It was a commercial.

This commercial.

Man - The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Sex and The City, all in the same month? My head a splode.


I Love My Church

Attitude of Gratitude

Thanks to Stacy, for suggesting I take part in Attitude of Gratitude!

Today, I am grateful for... my church. I love my church. And am surprised as all get out to be saying that out loud. I never thought I'd be the church-going type, my beliefs are so... out there. And personal. I'm very-very open-minded, so even in the most open-minded of churches, I'd always end up hearing something that was "our way IS best, but we can love those others, bless their little hearts" and I'd have to leave, because I SO do not want to go down that particular rabbit hole. But I found Unitarian Universalism. And specifically, my church.

An example: This past Sunday, I saw one of the songs the choir would sing was "Gate, gate", taken from a Buddhist chant. I figured it would be just the chant, maybe layered and harmonized - but damn! They took the chant, sang it, added words that would be at home in any Southern church, and added some "Hallelujahs" to boot! I loved it, and it was just so... my church. A Buddhist chant with an Hallelujah. (The song was arranged by Brian Tate)

Before I joined my church, I went to an interfaith service there after 9/11, a mourning service, and was in tears the whole time -- but I was sobbing when we sang "This is My Song" with the lyrics:

My country’s skies are bluer than the ocean
And sunlight beams on cloverleaf and pine.
But other lands have sunlight too and clover,
And skies are everywhere as blue as mine.

Wow - a church that recognized we are interconnected! A minister who's easy on the eyes who challenges us to look within, to live the seven principles in all areas of our lives. A welcoming, affirming church, no matter your sexual or gender identity. A group of people where I feel at home.

The boys do, too - Evan especially has made some nice connections there, and we still talk about stuff he learned in the OWL classes. (open-minded, inclusive sexuality classes - yay!) Seth's happy to go play with friends, at this point, and he's glad to be accepted for who he is there.

I remember, as a child, at the Methodist church we went to, our Sunday School teacher asked us to draw a picture of our church. Initially, we all drew the church building, but with some prodding, we saw that what she wanted us to draw was the people -- that's what makes a church. I love my people. I love my church. I'm grateful it's there.

I have found a faith large enough to hold my beliefs. I am very, very grateful.

edit: OMG! I found a new video about Unitarian Universalism - if you're curious and you've got ten minutes, check it out!


My Latest Internet Crush...

Lev Yilmaz. I spent a couple hours watching all of his "Tales of Mere Existence" videos - they're very compelling! Here's one I enjoyed:

Slightly ironic, as I should have been getting ready for work today, rather than spending a couple hours watching this guy's work.

This next one was painful to watch. I wonder about the people who commented "funny!" underneath it.

He's got a site, as well, where you can purchase books+DVDs.


Airliner Leaves in A Huff

Doesn't that headline make it sound like an airplane got miffed and totally took off to Paris on its own?

"Well, damn, lost my panel! Guess I'll drown my sorrows in the Seine."


Barack Obama Wins in NC!

"Yes, we know what's coming. We've seen it already. The same names and labels they always pin on everyone who doesn't agree with all their ideas. The same efforts to distract us from the issues that affect our lives by pouncing on every gaffe and association and fake controversy in the hope that the media will play along. The attempts to play on our fears and exploit our differences to turn us against each other for pure political gain - to slice and dice this country into Red States and Blue States; blue-collar and white-collar; white and black, and brown.

This is what they will do - no matter which one of us is the nominee. The question, then, is not what kind of campaign they'll run, it's what kind of campaign we will run. It's what we will do to make this year different. I didn't get into race thinking that I could avoid this kind of politics, but I am running for President because this is the time to end it.

We will end it this time not because I'm perfect - I think by now this campaign has reminded all of us of that. We will end it not by duplicating the same tactics and the same strategies as the other side, because that will just lead us down the same path of polarization and gridlock.

We will end it by telling the truth - forcefully, repeatedly, confidently - and by trusting that the American people will embrace the need for change.


Don't ever forget that we have a choice in this country - that we can choose not to be divided; that we can choose not to be afraid; that we can still choose this moment to finally come together and solve the problems we've talked about all those other years in all those other elections.

This time can be different than all the rest. This time we can face down those who say our road is too long; that our climb is too steep; that we can no longer achieve the change that we seek. This is our time to answer the call that so many generations of Americans have answered before - by insisting that by hard work, and by sacrifice, the American Dream will endure. Thank you, and may God Bless the United States of America."


Bye-bye, sweet Feo

We had to put our kitty, Feo, to sleep yesterday morning. He had gotten those urine crystals again, and as he had surgery for that already, years ago, there was nothing else anyone could do. He's been on the special food for several weeks, since last time he got sick, and it seemed like he was doing fine. He even dared jump on the top of the cabinets for the first time.

He even played Friday night with our other kitties. But when I woke up yesterday morning, I heard him yowling, and immediately knew he was sick again. The boys and I were with him when our vet put him to sleep, petting him and letting him know we loved him.

I love this picture Seth took of Feo & Turkey. It looks like a painting.


A knock-knock joke*

Knock, knock.

Who's there?

Smell mop.

Smell mop who?

(Raucous laughter all around.)

*Heard once on Top Chef last night, and approximately 4,293 times today.