That Movie that Opened Today

Loved it! If you're a fan, it feels like coming home. My friend and I were both boo-hooing, then laughing... it's a lot of fun. Nothing earth-shattering or life-changing - but now I do want to watch all the DVDs in order again! The movie is *almost* a parody of the show, it's almost like the characters are playing themselves, if that makes sense. Not over the top, exactly, but Charlotte is VERY winsome, Miranda is VERY practical... it's like they overdid the essence of each person, I guess so people who didn't know them would know what they were about.

One of my favorite lines: Samantha develops a little tummy pooch, then realizes that she's overeating rather than cheating on Smith, and she wonders what that means... Carrie says, "What does your gut tell ya?" Heh.

And one very, very sweet scene: Carrie is going through her clothes with everyone, deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are on her bed, holding up "take" or "toss" signs; she holds up the pink dress she wore through the opening credits of the series, which didn't change for all six seasons: Unanimous "TAKE".

I think, if you're not a fan, there's some things you won't get, but I'm guessing it would be enjoyable anyway. But, I have no perspective about that.

I'm glad they made it! And glad I saw it.

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