Life is Good when You Have Sex & The City... or something like that

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I am SO freakin' grateful today, unlike last week.

1st) For all my unschooling friends who were able to go to Life Is Good... I swear I could feel the energy from the weekend lifting me up all the way over here on the East Coast - and that was before I read any of your blog entries. Now that I have read some, I feel even higher. The Northeast Conference happened, too, and I can't wait to be borne on the updrafts of both of these gatherings. Magic happens when unschoolers get together, and I'm grateful to be part of the community - even if we couldn't physically be at either conference.

2nd) I got PASSES to see Sex & The City -- a DAY before it opens!!! So, that would be... (drumroll)... tomorrow! FREE PASSES. I went to a takeover, which isn't usually my thing - I don't drink and I don't feel comfortable in bars... but they were giving away passes, so I went, just long enough to get them. I tried to talk to a few people, but felt awkward and out of place, so left soon after. I honestly feel like I'm going to see some great old friends when I see the movie. I watched the DVDs the first winter my husband and I separated. Let me tell ya, these DVDs and Chocolate Stuff from the Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love will get you through just about anything. I love these women. And, yeah, I know they're fictional. I love them anyway.

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Julie @ Letter9 said...

SO..... HOW WAS IT? I am so jealous. It's funny that you had to go to a bar to get the passes and that you felt all awkward and uncomfortable because I've been invited to see it next Wednesday with a whole bunch of women but the real event is that they're going out to this bar downtown to drink like they're in college before the movie and I have been trying to convince myself that it will be fun but really I think I'll probably bow out and just go see it alone. I know I should be all "go out with the girls" because it's SATC for godssake but honestly, I would rather enjoy it than try so hard to get into the spirit.