I Saw a Dead People


So... I mentioned I've done some intuitive readings here and there. It's not something I've pursued... how would you even market something like that? But, now and then, if I get a strong feeling, I pass on what I get, and it's generally helpful.

Ooh, I just realized, too, that many people who look for help from psychics and intuitives, etc. are very, very needy. I don't want to be drawing that energy to myself!

But, recently, on my crazy, crazy weekend, something really incredible happened. I had gone to Lisa Williams' website. She is a clairvoyant and medium, and I enjoy her show Life Among the Dead. I have no idea why I went to her site, besides: that problem with the internet. But, there I was. I noticed she had a discussion forum, and you had to pay to join her site to participate. I'm usually resistant to that - I mean, ten bucks to chat with some strangers? I felt compelled to do so, though, so followed that feeling, dropped the sawbuck, joined the forum.

It's a very welcoming, friendly group there. VERY welcoming. I'm not used to being that friendly! I mean, I'm nice and all, but I tend to hang back until I get to know ya. But I enjoyed the warmth. I participated a little bit, here and there. Then, I noticed: every time I went to that site, I'd hear the name "Anne". I looked for posts written by an Anne, and didn't find anything. That happened a few times. I asked in the chatroom if there was an Anne on the forums, and I was told there was. The next time I logged on, I heard/saw/felt "Anne" again, so I finally posted: If you are Anne, or know an Anne, spelled with an "e", contact me! I got a few replies, but there was one, when I saw her name, I knew was it. I just got a rush of energy when I saw it. I e-mailed her, and said, "I have no idea what this is about. But let's connect, and see what happens." I also knew that we'd have to be connected at the same time - like in chat, or on the phone. Sometimes, I pick stuff up from people by reading e-mails, but I knew that wouldn't work this time.

And don't ask me how I know, I just do. I don't know how.

It happened that on that Saturday, we were both home at the same time, with not much going on, so I phoned her. We started chatting, and I found out she's an unschooler! I thought, maybe that's it. It takes a lot of support and connection with other unschoolers to live this very unconventional life. Just for a lark, as we were talking, I said, Hey, let's get quiet, and I'll try to do a reading! Just to see what comes up. I got immediate information about her, which she confirmed. I was also seeing a guy - not the whole face or anything, just a shock of wild, curly hair. In her confirmation of what I had told her, she mentioned her brother. I very much wanted to say, I think I see him! But I felt so weird about that! I mean - what if I was wrong? In my mind, if I said the wrong thing, she'd hate me forever, and say mean hurtful things, like "You are a failure as an intuitive reader, AND as a person. You suck." Lovely mind I have, isn't it? So I was reluctant to say anything. BUT, I'm learning, learning to take the chance anyway.

You'd think, with drumming being a big part of my life, that I'd be OK with messing up. I mean, in drumming, if you make a mistake, you aren't just wrong - you're wrong really, really LOUD. And I've mostly gotten over that. I guess this felt more personal, I had more on the line personally. And, ultimately, I want to be liked.

So, finally, I asked, "Does your brother have curly hair?" She said, "Yes, yes he does." I knew it was him! I then saw Mark from this season's Top Chef. I knew her brother was funny like he is, so I said, "I don't know if you watch Top Chef or not..." and she cut me off, and said, "Mark! Yes, he really reminded me of my brother." I said, "Not so much the looks, but definitely the curly hair and sense of humor." She verified that.

I then saw her legs, just her legs, and they were very womanly and shapely. I asked if she had issues with her legs, and she said that sometimes, they were painful... Then I knew that seeing her legs had something to do with her brother! And what an odd thing to ask, "Is there a connection with your legs and your brother?" but ask I did. And she said she had developed kind of quickly, that suddenly there she was with a chest and curves, and her brother used to tease her about that, and about her legs specifically. Just a confirmation that it was, indeed, him that was coming through.

That was all the information I got. The connection ended rather abruptly, almost like it got burnt out. Then *I* was burnt out. We chatted just a minute more, then I literally had to run to catch the bus. I mean, hang up the phone, throw on my sandals and go! When I got to the park, I called Scott to see where the drumSTRONG tent was. He told me, and I could kinda make sense of what he was saying, but I went to the wrong place. When I asked the people there if they knew where the tent was, they told me, and it took all of my concentration to get what they were saying! It was like the words weren't meaning what they usually mean. I know they thought I was drunk! They were kinda laughing. I felt very, very altered. When I got to the tent, I took off my sandals and just stood in the grass a minute, breathing and getting grounded and centered. I feel odd now, just writing about it!

Here are my thoughts about all that:

The picture I get of the Lisa Williams site is like a scene from Truly, Madly, Deeply. (if you haven't seen that movie, you're missing out! It's wonderful.) It's like there's a bunch of spirits hovering around the site, going, "We can get in this way!" So they are trying really hard to connect to people there.

I also believe if I pursue doing this - and I'd love to, I think it's a great way to serve - I need to raise my own energy levels somehow. My first thought was food, I know some psychics and readers who say when they went vegan their abilities got stronger. But John Edward tells a story of being in a foreign country (Mexico? I think) and he was so grateful to find a McDonald's and have a cheeseburger! But I'll try food, and see what happens. The picture I get there is of massive, massive energy, trying to get through a tiny, tiny connection. I need to widen my conduit!

I don't really know what to do with all this now, except tell you about it.

And breathe.


Kate said...

That is so awesome!

I like Lisa Williams. My partner is a huge fan - but she didn't pay to be part of the site. I am going to show her your post though and see if she changes her mind.
She also has talents like what you described.

I say "go with it"! And keep us posted. I would love to hear more!


Jennifer H said...

Wow. I'm not sure I know what else to say. You should continue to explore your gift, definitely.

Hen said...

Wow - there is so much about life, and how we tick, that we don't understand...but that doesn't mean they don't exist!