Roller Coaster Weekend

So - if I ever say out loud that I'm taking time to go within again, remind me of this. Because doing so is apparently an invitation for anything and everything but that to happen. I wanted my weekend to be this:

Instead, it started out as this:

It didn't take long to turn to this:

which, you can't really tell, but is me going "Awwww... how sweet."

Later that night, this:

Because she

was coming to town.

We did some of this:

And some other stuff, which didn't get photographed.

The next day, I was all

because of a very powerful unexpected thing that happened. Cool, overall. But... huh?


as I sat at the drumSTRONG tent at a festival here.

THEN, it was all like

as I tried to make up for lost sleep.

You can't.

The next day, it was

because I went to church, and I love my church.




Then it was

again, when we saw this band perform.


as I got some news about someone I love very much.

I wish today was this

and instead, it's this.

I can sleep while I work, right?

All of these photos* taken by Seth Hundley

*One day, I will have photoshop and my photos won't have bright lights in glasses and weird colors. For now - keepin' it real.

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Jennifer H said...

That's a lot of this, that, and the other!

My dad enjoys a good drum circle. I don't know if he still gets together with friends to do it, but he used to.