Mostly Wordless

The following choices have nothing to do with politics, religion, past history or morals. Just eye candy. Because I can.

I know. I know. But - I wouldn't mind just lookin' for a while. A long while.

Ay, yi, yi. Puff Daddy. Puffy. P Diddy. This man by any other name would look as fine.

Just because Bossy made a video, doesn't mean she owns him. Wow. And siiiiigh...

And because I'm an equal opportunity letch -

Yes, ma'am. Phew.


Hen said...

All very pretty....still wisting after Mr Firth though!

Thanks for popping over.

BOSSY said...

Who said Bossy doesn't own him, and can Bossy have a word with that person?

dharmamama said...

Eep. That would be me, ma'am. I actually flinched, like I had been caught! *gulp*

I think I'm older than you... that gives me dibs!