I'm Excited About This Book

I've been reading Steve Pavlina's blog for almost two years. The first few times I visited his site, I opened the page, read a bit, then clicked away from it! There's a LOT of information there - I felt like it was beyond me. (And who knows? It may have been at that time.) I bookmarked his site at one point. I'd click on, read a little, click away. I felt like there was a richness of information there, and I knew there was something there for me, I just couldn't quite get to it! There's too much! Where do I start? I remember actually deleting the bookmark at one point - "I'll never resonate with this!"

Then Christine Kane referenced his wife, Erin Pavlina, in one of her posts. Erin had started writing a blog a year before, about her path of developing her psychic powers. Now, that, I could get into! I loved reading about her process, and her experiences with giving people readings. At some point, I joined the Steve Pavlina forum - there's a lot of cool stuff being discussed over there! And it's a very, very positive place to be. I think it was one of Erin's articles that mentioned something Steve wrote, that finally, I read something he had written, and I got it. It completely blew me away. So I started reading his archives, and there's SO MUCH there, like I said - a richness of information. Oh! - I guess some people would say wealth of information! ha. It's funny how words come to me.

I've been very grateful for one article in particular, Lightworker Syndrome. It gave me a new perspective on working in the world. There are so many good articles on his site, he's so insightful.

He's one of my secret boyfriends. shh - Don't tell his wife! She can astrally kick my butt.

I was excited to hear he was writing a book, and even more excited when he told us it was going to be published by Hay House, publisher of Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Debbie Ford, Deepak Chopra and many, many others . I pre-ordered it shortly after it became available on Amazon - I knew I'd want to read it, no doubt. (I think it says a lot that at this moment, it's about to crack the top 100 on Amazon.com, and the release date is still three months out!)

A couple days ago, Steve wrote an article about the book, letting people know it could be pre-ordered, and going into how it was structured. Reading this made me EVEN more excited about it! Just in reading that article, I could feel my heart opening and expanding. My hands actually got hot, like they do when I give reiki, or connect in an intuitive reading, or see the occasional dead person. I firmly believe this book is going to have a huge impact on people, across the globe, and I wanted to give you a heads-up, in case you have never been to Steve's site, or, like I used to be, are slightly intimidated when you get there. I know this book is going to change people's lives, expand them and put them on paths they didn't dare take before.

Which will, in turn, change the world. Our world.

And I wanted to let you know.


Kate said...

Thanks for the info.
I'll have to check out that site.

Professor J said...

Thanks for letting me/us know about the site. I could use some enlightenment.