Tributes to Lisa

Fire, Roxanne, Lisa, and Larry

A friend set up a site to collect tributes to Lisa Heyman, my unschooling friend who passed away last Monday.

I keep writing articles in my head, trying to figure out how to say - Love your kids, today! Life is too short for bullshit! And I'm sure I'll somehow put those words together. OK, not sure - I frequently write and think many things in my head that somehow never make it to the physically manifested state. The time for the ideas to percolate and the time to sit and craft at the computer isn't always a priority. But I was thinking many things along those lines before Lisa passed, it felt like a big bubble of thoughts - oh, for the hand of the muses to pat me gently, until I burp those thoughts out! - and now, since her crossing over, it's even more urgent.

But words aren't coming; it's even more important now for me to BE - here - now, without having to analyze and think and come up with just the right phrase. But others' words are coming, at this lovely, moving site - go there. Go there, and think about how you want to live your life - really, truly LIVE your life. And: really, truly LOVE your life. What would it take to get there? Then go do that. 'Cause life is short, people, even when it seems long. Every moment - every moment - is precious.

A quote from Lisa: Life is just too much damn interesting and fun to waste time in school.

I'd add to that - if you don't think it is, make it so! Live your life so school is an absurdity. If school isn't part of your life now, think about what that would mean to you. Go! Now! Get a move on! And give a wink to Lisa when you do.


kelli said...

But your words are coming, they are right there :) and they are beautiful.

Have a wonderful day!

Mrs. G. said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I can tell my other blogs I visit that she was much loved.