We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Drumming History...

... to tell you this:

I went to walk the dog last night, and I was looking for a plastic grocery bag I could use to scoop his poop. I have several of those, and I also have some official, professional, poopy bags I got from the park down the street. They have two stands with dispensers of these bags, so folks can take care of their doggies' messes. These are something! You can put it on like a mitten, and the bottom of it has several layers. Quite the to-do. About doo-doo. I usually grab one when I walk the dog there, because he's usually used the grocery bag by the time we've walked all that way. I mean *I* have, it's not like Jack asks for the bag or anything. And is there any feeling more forlorn than standing at your neighbor's yard, watching your dog go poo, and you don't have a bag or way to scoop? I always imagine they're at their windows, going - "She's just going to *leave* it there! I can't believe her, and her giant dog!" So I try to be prepared.

So, anyway, last night: Going to walk the dog, looking for a plastic bag, and I see one of those park bags under the sink. And my first thought? I can't use that: It's the good poopy bag.

Huh, wha?

Good poopy bag?! What the? Oh, my mind, my mind. Like I'd be saving it for company or something. No, no, this is just a regular day, we have to use a plain poopy bag. Crazy.

So I grabbed the "good" bag and we had our walk. It made his poop special. Woo-hoo!


Mrs. G. said...

You are living the high life over there with your fancy bags.

Julie @ Letter9 said...

Oh my god, that is hilarious. I would TOTALLY save that one, too. I asked for letterpress cards for my birthday and I got some and now I'm like, now I need to go buy some new cards for my thank you notes because I don't want to use the new cards all up on birthday thank yous. Insane, I tell ya. But not as insane as the special poop bag. : )

Schuyler said...

I love when there are dog poop bag dispensers. It is such a wonderful gift. The library near us 2 houses a go had poop bags that I would go get every few months. That was nice. It makes it feel like a well-supported public good.

Linda said...

Oh my, I am so glad there are other people who do this. It is a special brand of insanity, isn't it?