Look What Seth Did! And My Control Didn't.

Wednesday afternoon, Seth said he was in the mood to make something; he wanted to *bake* something yummy. When I mentioned the frozen pie crust we still had in the freezer, he said, "PIE! PIE!" OK - Apple? No... Peach? No. Custard? Mmmaybe.... Chocolate cream pie? YES! That was it! That was *just* what he was in the mood to make. So, I found a recipe, using what we had on hand (cocoa, not chocolate bars), and we set to work.

The recipe called for three egg yolks. I separated one egg, then he wanted to do the other two. Now - where was my head that this is what made me get all nervous and wanting-to-be controlling? My kids have cooked eggs since they could stand on a stand at the stove. When they were really little, it was a great way to explore the egginess of eggs - break a bunch, feel how slimy they feel, watch how the yolk could 'break'. I could breeze right through that, no problems. Eggy mess? We'll just wipe it up, no big deal. But Wednesday, Wednesday for some reason, there I was, eagle-eying the whole egg-separating process, having to STOP myself from saying, "Wait! You have to *be careful*!" Or... what? You might break a yolk and we'll have to open another egg? Uhhh.... so? But I was SO... jumpy! So, finally, I stepped back, and asked myself, "Self? What is going on with these eggs?" Turns out, because money's been tight lately, there was that voice in my head, the one that goes, "Mustn't waste! Mustn't waste!" Guess what, voice? It's not waste if we're learning, enjoying being together - without stress - just BEing with each other. It's not waste. We might break an egg. And I know myself enough to know that I wouldn't save the broken egg to use or cook later, I just wouldn't. But - will we starve if we go through an egg or two? Or six? No. We won't starve. We might want eggs later in the week, and they won't be there. Then again, if we really wanted eggs, I'm sure my neighbors would share theirs. Or, I could call a friend to see if she could buy me some eggs. We might be able to scrape up change around the house, enough to buy some eggs. But I bet we'll be OK without. Got that, voice? No starvation, no need to panic. No need to take out YOUR stuff on this amazing child. So. Step back. Breathe. Reassess. Stress averted! In less than the time it took Seth to separate all the eggs we needed. Peace is found, heart is opened.

And the pie? Oh, my. The pie.

Look how proud! That's worth a few dozen million eggs, at least.


Julie @ Letter9 said...

He looks so proud! I love it. And I really admire your ability to step back and recognize what was going on while you were panicking over the eggs. Isn't it funny how sometimes we can lose perspective on such small things?

Sue and Steve said...

Hey, love your egg post! (oh those voices in our heads... sigh...) Made me realize with a sharp pang that my kids have *never* squished through raw eggs to experience that! (wonder if i can get them to do it now, after all my fussy conditioning of them! :( I'm vowing to waste some eggs today with them!)

I'm booking-marking you to read more and get reminded to wake up and feel the eggs!

sue, who finds you through a friend of a friends blog, an informal unschooling blogring, i guess...

Stacy said...

hey! I love this post! I love it when that happens -- awareness and space to listen quietly, and then: MAGIC HAPPINESS ALL AROUND!

Mrs. G. said...

He is going to make someone very happy. He's cute and makes pie-brilliant combination.

Felicia said...

Not only was it a good learning opportunity for him but it sounds like it was a terrific one for you too :)

Stephanie S. said...

Wonderful post.
I think I'm more excited for you than even for him!!

Schuyler said...

Th pie looks fantastic! I'm sorry you had egg issues. It is great that you figured out why. But it sucks that it took you time and fear to get there.