Man, I Didn't Even See That Train Comin'!

And yet, here I am, knocked down in this hole. Grief that hit me... well, like a freight train, I guess, like being hit by not just a train, but a trainload of bricks, as well.

At least it's comfy in here. Not ready to come out, I've got my blankets, ipod, really good book - which, OK, that particular choice isn't helping so much with the grief part. But, damn, it's a good book, one I couldn't put down, not even in here.

The boys are being kind and understanding and helpful and cranky and needy... we're working it out. Lots of reading being done, both aloud and alone. One day soon, I'll be ready for sunlight again.


Anonymous said...

How difficult that must be. I hope the love of the boys is helping.

Pam Genant said...

Anything we can do?? You know you have friends.

Julie Pippert said...


How are you doing???