So, My Dog Apparently Had a Nightmare

This morning, about 4:30 or so, I could hear Jack kinda growling & whimpering in his sleep. He does that every so often, but this went on and on, until I nudged him a bit. He immediately woke up, and was making this weird growling/whining noise as he waited at the bedroom door. I thought maybe he needed to go to the bathroom...

We went to the back door, which he raced to, still making that odd noise. He ran outside, and instead of going to the bathroom, he ran around the perimeter of the back yard, barking and barking. I'm sure my neighbors just loved it. He was growling, too. He came running back in, and immediately went to the front door, and waited, like he wanted to be taken for a walk. Uh, sorry, doggie, but it's Four. Thirty. In the morning. He just sighed, and went back to bed where he immediately went back to sleep.

So odd.

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Julie Pippert said...

My dog is a very vivid dreamer. I like his running dreams, best. I think he does too.