For Lisa

waterfall at Camp Ramah Darom, Clayton, GA

Whether you are going or staying or sitting or lying down,
the whole world is your own self.
You must find out
whether the mountains, rivers, grass, and forests
exist in your own mind or exist outside it.
Analyze the ten thousand things,
dissect them minutely,
and when you take this to the limit
you will come to the limitless,
when you search into it you come to the end of search,
where thinking goes no further and distinctions vanish.
When you smash the citadel of doubt,
then the Buddha is simply yourself.

In the ocean of being
There is only One.

There was and there will be
only One.

You are already fulfilled.

How can you be bound
or free?

Wherever you go, Be Happy.

~ Ashtavakra Gita 15:18

I'd say you're gone too soon, too early, but you and I had a couple of conversations about how the timing of things is always perfect, even if we couldn't see it, and didn't want it to be so.

I can't see it, and don't want it to be so.

I will miss your energy, your light, and your fire.

Gassho ~

p.s. It's storming here today - lots of rain, thunder, and lightning. I can't help but think Lisa's involved.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry. I wish I could say more.

MamaShift said...

Saw your comment over at MamaSoule and just wanted to come over and try to give some soothing vibes. I'm glad you two had those interesting dicussions. Peace to you and to your friend's family.

dharmamama said...

Thanks so much for your comments. It is surprising how great a loss I feel. I had only met her this past September - but she was someone who met me with a truly open heart, and we connected right away.

Julie Pippert said...

Oh C, sounds like such a hole in your web today. I'm sorry for this. (you)

beautiful tribute, though.