Keys in 2 x 2

Thanks to Patti Digh, I was inspired to draw a 2 x 2 square of my day. 2 x 2 - anyone can do *that*, right? I did.

And I did.


patti digh said...

I absolutely love the fact that you did this. Love it. Love those keys. Can't wait to see the next 364 squares... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well, that sure is some good news!

Julie Pippert said...

Hey, wow, that's great!

diana(hahamommy) said...

We are so blessed,
We are so blessed,
We are so blessed,
We're so lucky to be us...
:::dun, dun, dun:::
(hayden & kyra 2006)

Galavanter said...

Yea! So glad this is working in your life. Never underestimate the power of intention... ;-)

Stephanie S. said...

I have a present for you at OLM - you can pick it up anytime you choose.