It was The Carpenters

The answer was this:

Well, this song wasn't on that album, with the intermission. That album was "A Song for You". I just liked this song best of all.

I remember hearing that intermission, which unfortunately I couldn't find anywhere on the web. Sung operatically - "We'll be right back, after we (after we, after we) go to the bahhhthroom". So funny. And absolutely *scandalous* to me and my sisters. It was 1973. I was eight. It felt daring and reckless to listen to The Carpenters sing about having to go to the bathroom! Unheard of, you weren't supposed to talk about that in public places, much less sing about it.

My, how times have changed.

I remember when Karen Carpenter died, I was shocked. It's just - you always think of stars from your childhood living forever. They must have charmed lives, right? Well, no. 'Cause I remember, too, when Anissa Jones, Buffy from A Family Affair, died of a *drug* overdose. When my oldest sister told me, I didn't believe her. What? Buffy wouldn't do drugs! What would Mrs. Beasley think? Oy, the 70's. Even in Charlotte, NC, a time of upheaval and disillusionment.

OK - enough maudlin! It's almost Valentine's Day, so here's another one for ya:

I love these letters:

E- You are tastier than a carmel apple empanada from taco bell
F- My love for you grows like fungus

Sending fungus out to you ~


diana(hahamommy) said...

Just the other day, someone mentioned having a butler like Mr. Belvedere, I said eeewww, everyone knows you really need Mr. French, he's a Gentleman's Gentleman :::blank stare::: Aaaah, too young to remember? wow. Too young to be affected by Buffy's OD too... I was only 5 and I wondered what Mrs. Beasley would think as well :'(

Julie Pippert said...

We act so scandalized by young stars such as the Spears girl these days. But there was a lot less for kids back in the 70s and I remember being scandalized often!

Nancy Drew did Playboy! I was distraught!

Andy Gibb killed himself? Oh NO!

And so on.

As if scandal is all unique and new to this time period.

I remember when Buffy died.

Mrs. G. said...

I remember having similar feelings when River Phoenix died.