Winter Wardrobe

Ah-ha! My fashion and style dilemmas are resolved! For the winter, anyway.

That's right - footie pajamas! The above are called "blanket fleece". Doesn't that sound cozy? Or maybe I want cotton waffle weave? Nah, not warm enough. Maybe as I ease into Spring.

Oooh... here's what I'd really want: snuggle fleece. Super warm. You know, down here in the frozen tundra of Charlotte, NC we need something to keep us functional. Plus the blue would show off my eyes.

Maybe purple velvet? Only if I'm having company! I could single-handedly redefine sexy.

Now, these have a drop-seat. That could come in handy - no getting chilly in the bathroom!

Thanks to Pajama City, I'm covered for the next few months!! Guess what's on my Christmas list? (I'm size 4 or 5, hint, hint)

All images from Pajama City.

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