Love in Their Hearts and Alberto VO5 in Their Hair

Was awakened with a little worry and stress - it's always assuaged now with the knowledge that everything really is as it's supposed to be, and it really will be (and is) okay, but still, sometimes at 4:30 in the morning, those worrying thoughts seem to drip from the darkness into my brain. I took a deep breath - several deep breaths - and got centered in my body. (Ah! Here I am!) Then I prayed. I started to think realistically about each worry, one by one, to break them down into realistic parts rather than the amorphous black blob they were swirling in, and instead of my head cooperating and doing that, I started hearing this song:

I was SO happy to hear it, it made me laugh out loud. So I got up to find a video. And, can I tell you how pleased I am to have found *this* version? It opens with my first crush, John Denver. I'm always happy to see him. (Hi, John!) Then - the Bee Gees! Donna Summer. Earth, Wind and Fire. And, oh my goodness - look at that hair - Andy Gibb! Just wish the video was longer. I think the only people missing from this junior high flashback are Shaun Cassidy and Leif Garrett.

And it has singing children, which always makes me happy.

Now the worries have been replaced with love in my heart.

I've been practicing sending love to people when I'm out and about, especially on the bus. Just opening my heart, and really feeling love for each person. Sometimes it's very powerful, and I just get a rush of energy that's like I'm floating on a wave of love and light. Very cool.

So - know that I'm sending love to you, too! And you can put a little love in your heart.

You can (but don't have to) skip the hairspray.


Julie Pippert said...

Oh wow that IS a great video! Andy and Rod singing together!

You know, sometimes I miss the unbridled optimism and enthusiasm of the 70s.

But I do know those terrible 4 a.m. thoughts that can creep and glad you got centered and found something lovely. :)

Using My Words

diana(hahamommy) said...

Ahhh you made me miss my loverly Shawn Cassidy flaired jeans (his face ironed onto the right leg, from Sears!) ♥
I felt all warm... I too love John Denver.. then I saw Gilda Radner in the background :) then Andy Gibb... Holy Crap, it's the "Dead and the I Don't Know Why I'm NOT Dead Band"

Pretty cool when one little video, the dancing of pixels and soundwaves, can make one experience heartwarming love and deep sadness and longing.
Thanks for the love & the tears :')

dharmamama said...

I love YouTube, and the little windows into my past it gives me. I'm glad you understand. :)

Mrs. G. said...

I love me some John Denver. Thanks for the memories.

Annie's song still makes me cry.