Two Great Birthdays, One December Night

It's my sister's birthday today, and I wanted to create a whole post for and about her. I can't really think or write coherently enough to do that (must remember I can write in advance and schedule the posting!), so right now, I'll just say she has enriched my life more than I can say. I am so grateful to have her for an older sister, and more grateful still that we are able to talk and share in a REAL way. It's been vital to me to have someone who shared the insanities of my childhood with whom I can reflect, remember and heal - AND share our super-cool, but very different, present moments. She is a teacher - a really, really great teacher - and I am a radical unschooler, but we can still communicate deeply and honestly, even about learning. Happy birthday, Cyndi!! I'll be sure to post embarrassing photos from our childhood later.

For now - some Christmas sights and sounds. Cyndi sent me this today:

And this is from my favorite movie, of Christmas time or any time. I watch it every year, cry every year, and see something new every time I watch it. I hope you remember you ARE loved this Christmas season.

Loved so much Mahalia wants to sing to you:

Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, or, in the most politically correct greeting I've heard, I hope you have an enjoyable next few days.

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Julie Pippert said...

Great post to a sister. I hope her day was happy and you are enjoying nice holidays. :)

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