It's Clear

Because I keep getting tangled in what people might think/what image I'm projecting/what would others say I'm choosing CLEAR as my word for 2008. (clear intentions)

Because I haven't been intrinsically motivated to keep my home clean in a while, and as a result have to meet people at the door, panicking that they might see our mayhem, I'm choosing CLEAR as my word for 2008. (clear the mess)

Because I'm still on autopilot with my money and managing my finances - spending without thinking, making poor choices in regards to priorities - (I BOUNCED a CHECK! last week, I haven't done that in ages; I even knew it was going to bounce & just wanted what I wanted, damn the consequences) I'm choosing CLEAR as my word for 2008. (a clear budget with clear priorities)

Because after meditating daily for years and experiencing much presence and clarity, I stopped completely, and have lost that easy inner knowing, I'm choosing CLEAR as my word for 2008. (clear mind)

Because Evan is 15, and I'm not getting that almost-psychic knowledge of what he's feeling and thinking any more, I'm choosing CLEAR as my word for 2008. (clear communication)

Because I've been putting off moving forward with doing what I'd LOVE to earn money, I'm choosing CLEAR as my word for 2008. (clear goals)

Because my diet has been completely unmindful, just eating what's here and easy to fix, I'm choosing CLEAR as my word for 2008. (clear motivation)

Because I keep getting caught up in old ways of coping, (see money and diet. And house.) I'm choosing CLEAR as my word for 2008. (clear the past)

Because some of the above are symptoms of just not wanting to grow up, I'm choosing CLEAR as my word for 2008. (clear responsibility)

Because when I thought and prayed about my word, I got a clear picture of light shining through all this STUFF that was blocking my heart, clearing a path straight to it, I'm choosing CLEAR as my word for 2008.

I thought CLEAR right away, then tried to argue with myself. (Why do I even do that any more?) "It should be clarity, not clear! Clear doesn't make sense! No, wait - truth! That's what you're seeing! It sounds more noble!"

Even after the arguing - it's clear that it's CLEAR.


Julie Pippert said...

That's one of the best resolution lists I've ever seen.

I wish you all the success in the world in achieving that in 2008.

Using My Words

Mrs. G. said...

Excellent word choice. Home organization is, once again, on my list of resolutions. I hate it, but I function better with it, and I notice the rest of my family does too.

Good luck and happy new year!

mka said...


Good for you!! It's so great that you're so clear about being clear. I'm still working on my word for 2008.

xo, mka

wheelsonthebus said...

Excellent. What a many-layered word.

Galavanter said...

Wow, Caren, thanks for the link and another excellent post.

I've chosen "Connection" for my word for the year. Thanks for the inspiration - and I look forward to connecting with you more this year!


Colleen said...

Wow, Caren, what a great post. I'm going to have to print it out and use it for a reminder--I could use some clarity in all those areas as well!

dharmamama said...

I am hoping to use just the word - clear - to focus and center myself. My thought is that the *actions*, the *changes* will spring from that. So, not so much focusing on those individual areas, except as I'm moved to. Does that make sense? Or am I setting myself up for more... cloudiness? Like, with money - if I'd kept my goal (financial security) in mind, instead of going unconscious, there's NO WAY I would have written that check. But I was... unclear... at the time.

Maybe just - think before acting? lol

Mrs. G - My home is messy because I *refuse* to clean with a bad attitude. So I've been working on the attitude part, and I've mostly got it down - gratitude for all we have, gratitude my kids are alive and healthy enough to make messes, spreading love by caring for them. It's been (and still is) a process.

Cid said...

Caren...I stumbled across your blog from an old radicalunschooling post,and I'm SO glad I did! Your blog is, well... yummy! My word for 2008 is create :)

Blessings, Cid

Rick Hamrick said...

I'm glad you were able to work it out amongst yourselves! "Clear" is a great word.

I started with "gentle" and ended with "gently" because I intend to be gentle as proven by the actions I perform...gently. I needed the adverbial version.

Your further explanation here in the comments makes perfect sense to me: action motivated by inspiration is not only fun, it is easy! Just ignore that doubting voice. You have it nailed.

diana(hahamommy) said...

Happy 2008!
You're tagged for a Retrospective Meme :)

ang said...

I came over from PW Cooks. Thank you for the suggestion on the slow cooker but a bigger thank you for your post. I enjoyed it for often my life is as "clear as mud."

Best to you in 2008!

Grace, T said...

HI! Clear ! what a perfect word!

I'm here via 37 days.
Glad to read another Reiki Master mom-
my son is 19.

stop by sometime!

Grace with ease,
aka MetaHara
aka Grace, T

Joanne said...

Great idea! I'm going to sit down later with a cup of tea and think of my word for 2008.