Put a Cork In It! Or, On It....

I'm feeling a *teensy* bit overwhelmed with things still left to do... so I'm surfing the web!

And I found an article that makes self-acceptance one step closer. It's right here.

I liked this quote: "You discover things that, if you had filed things or containerized them or purged them, you never would have seen them again." As opposed to seeing them months after you last saw them, as happens here.

Years ago, I realized filing just doesn't work for me. Not that I had tried it or anything - it was an intuitive guess. :) I wanted to put cork board on one whole wall, and just pin things to it - that way, I'd see them, they wouldn't get lost in a pile, I would know where they were. That's how I remember things, visually - I can "see" where I last saw it. A wall of cork board! Yes! But the ex wouldn't go for it, and I forgot I wanted to do that. If I had pinned that idea on a cork board, I'd've remembered!

Something to think about for the new year, perhaps that will be my winter project.

Something like this:

And I like this one, but I don't drink, and it's been a while since I tended bar:

But I can see that working. It would be a soft spot for the boys to bang into, too! Hmm... a cork room?


Julie Pippert said...

LOL a cork room.

That all sounds like a great idea. My husband is the same way.

Cork is a popular material now so should be easy to find (although at last check a little pricey!).

In the interim here I've hung binder clips of varying sizes on push pins and my husband hangs things from there (as do the kids with their art!) and I have some of those magnets that stick to magnetic strips and we hang stuff on that.

Signed, Contained Store Junkie


Using My Words

dharmamama said...

I'm afraid of the Container Store! I'm really clueless when it comes to organization. I can just see my home filled with empty plastic boxes, mocking me because I don't know what to put in them, nor where to keep them.

But binder clips! And push pins! THAT I can see!

TammyVitale said...

husband just doesn't understand the "have to be able to see it" thing...but then he's audio oriented...and is always plugged in to music. But I SO understand the need to have it out in plain sight...think I'm getting to that in my office. Keep moving one step at a time toward something workable...the studio - well, everything is always in plain sight there!