March Forth

I was thinking last night of my experience with Art Every Day Month, and how much I enjoyed exploring, creating art every day for the month of November. Giving myself freedom to make mistakes, freedom to create... and without that framework of creating and posting every day, I haven't so much as picked up a brush.

I recently read an article about shifting your vibration to manifest, and it spoke *so* clearly to me - it was essentially saying the same things I've read over and over, but the way Steve put it made it so much more REAL for me. It helped me see LOA in a different way, that it's about making changes on a deeper level - and those changes start with the choices I make every day.

Then, today, I read another good article about how, when you're changing, it's possible you're not going to be comfy and excited. If you're changing, plenty of times you'll be cranky and discomfitted and unsure. Another much-needed reminder.

AND just now, I went to check out Soulemama's blog for my daily dose of peace and creativity - and babies!, she had posted a link to the video below:

Even when I'm feeling a bit stuck, even when I'm secretly thinking I'll never change, my circumstances won't change, I'm going to be struggling forever, and I'll never bloom into what I could be... tendrils of possibility weave their way into my life, reminding me it's all feasible. A life more free, doing what I really want to be doing, having more time for the boys and more resources to travel and do what we wish - we can do it. It can happen. The shift will come, a bit at a time.

I know it starts with appreciating what we have, with loving this moment, NOW. So, just to fill up my inbox from the universe, Amy Steinberg linked to this card, here: Gratitude Garden (do it!) and it reminded me that what we love grows. What I focus on will multiply, filling this moment and creating seeds for the next.

Deep breath. February's over. Spring is on the way: new growth, new life. Meltwater rushing from the frozen lake can move even the most stubborn of boulders, creating rich earth for green shoots to take root.

I can feel it, just a tiny bit - can you?


carri said...

Oh yes I can! Thank you for such a beautiful post.

Rose said...

Thank you! You made me smile and feel happy and peaceful. That's a very beautiful gift. :-)

Much Love to you.

Madge said...

i just needed this post so much today. you have no idea. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Spring is coming?! Crap . . .

kelli said...

What a wonderful post Caren :)

And with March here, so is ARGH! Yay! See you this weekend! :)

Cynthia said...

I love that song and video! I posted it on my blog awhile back. Good to be reminded of it again today.