Day 5 of Day 1

I made myself laugh when I realized this morning that I hadn't posted because I haven't created any art! Like I'm going to get graded or something. Kicked out of AEDM. I'm looking at it like this: Like Patti Digh being on Day 6 of Day 1 of not complaining, I'm on Day 5 of Day 1 of creating art every day for a month. So there.

Yikes! I was quoted on Sandra Dodd's blog, and on her page about control. It's odd to send a quiet little e-mail that didn't even get a response on the list, and see it... exposed like that. LOL I feel like a proud mama to my thoughts. But, ya know - I was just being honest. Speaking from my heart, my open heart. I now understand the push to help others "get it" about unschooling. I guess that happened since the conference. It's not just our way of being any more, it's a movement. At the same time, remaining just our way of being. I'm not living this way to convince anyone else it's best, that's for sure. Which reminds me of this post from Josha on Radical Unschooling:

I had a reading from a woman who specializes in energy clearing and has a clear contact with, well something pretty cosmic. What was intended to be a clearing turned into kind of like a psychic download and it was pretty interesting for both of us. Part of it was about being part of a new paradigm shift in how people be with children.

The initial information she had was that I homeschooled the kids. She said well it goes way beyond that and it isn't for the kids, directly. It is for the parents. You (you me we) will be part of something that will radically shift how people are with kids and help them learn new ways to be because that is what the shifting consciousness needs.

Loving watching this all unfold and it is an honor to be part of it.

Peace to all of you wonderful pioneers, remember each time you can shift your thoughts to a more positive perspective and are able to channel a little more light and joy into your being and lives you are doing it for the whole planet! and all the children everywhere.

So, yeah, follow your heart, find ways to open your heart. I have this quote on my vision board:
"Life's short, so dream, dare and be your brilliance."
No idea who said it - I suppose anyone could have! Life's short, so BE with your kids, unconditionally support your kids. Go ahead and let go. It'll be OK - it is OK.

So is being on Day 5 of Day 1.

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