Snow Day! errrr... Snow Few Hours!!

9 am yesterday:

9 am today - which looks much like 3 pm yesterday, except for the angle of the sun:

The brevity makes it all that much more exciting. And for me, who hates to be wet and cold, it's an extra incentive to get out there and enjoy every minute with Seth. Hmmm... may be something to look at, there....

I tried to wake Evan, and he actually sat up in bed, with his eyes open, and said, "I'd rather sleep. I don't want to go out in the snow." Then, when he got up and saw that the snow was gone, cried, "Why didn't you wake me up?! I missed it!!" He completely didn't remember me waking him. I tucked that away, and I'll make sure to pull him out of bed in the event of snow next time.

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Ann said...

See, I totally agree - I'd be okay w/ snow if it came....and then LEFT not soon after. ;)