I Always Wondered What Anchors Did During Breaks

This made my day.

More of the story here. Thanks to Josh for linking to it on his blog!

I gave up watching the news years ago, when it became less news and more panic and marketing. I stopped reading newspapers when the news about Abu Ghraib with those horrible pictures broke about 5 years ago - I had just separated from my husband, and it was hard enough to get through my days. I do miss the local paper at times, but it is not worth the negativity and distorted exaggeration to get to the worthwhile stuff. Steve Pavlina has a thought-provoking article about the news, and what he calls news addiction.

I've often wondered what news anchors thought about their jobs, especially the ones that have been around since before "infotainment". I really enjoyed watching these two, and I wonder if they see what they're doing as a way to disperse the stress of what they do. I also wonder if they're just shallow mouths, and don't think or care about what they're doing at all.

A really great source for online news? Good News Network. What a great way to start the day!

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Anonymous said...

"In other news . . . "

So much of news these days is just reading the teleprompter and trying not to cry . . .