A Handy-Dandy Tip

Our cable company offered "turbo" speed for their internet service, for a fee of $9 per month. I tried the free trial, and cancelled before the free trial period ended. (Yay! I remembered to cancel!) It made me wonder - because when I cancelled, they kept trying to talk me out of it: "It makes a significant difference!" - are they saying their regular cable internet sucks? After selling me that over dial-up - there's a difference! I couldn't work from home if I didn't have cable internet - and saying how fast and speedy cable internet is... is it now not fast enough? It seems like if the basic service was adequate, you wouldn't need turbo. Evan's an online gamer, the regular, fast cable speed works for him. How fast do you need it to be? Anyway...

When there is a small wait while I'm waiting for a page to load, a picture to come up, a video to download... I've started closing my eyes and breathing in that small space of time. I'm no longer looking at the screen saying, "Come on! Come on!". I'm pausing, and breathing, and, when I remember to, being grateful.

Now I almost like it when I'm waiting to hear the "whoosh" of an e-mail being sent, or for some reason, a picture is coming up only one line at a time. Stop. Breathe. Smile.

It feeds my introvertedness. It feeds my spirit.

Easy and totally free! No $9 per month charge!

And here's something I've discovered - the pages take the same amount of time to load whether I'm tapping the desk impatiently, or breathing in peace. The exact same amount of time! Go figure.


BOSSY said...

Yoga for the technologically compromised! Bossy loves the concept.

Jennifer H said...

So that's my lesson for the day...now I will slow down a bit. Thank you!