Yesterday then Today

Look what we woke up to yesterday! Not a lot - but even a small amount is cause for great excitement here.

Seth and his friend Mason try to convince the wet, icy snow to accept a carrot without crumbling.

While Seth's friends Jordan and Perez work on their own, tiny snowperson.

Yay! Perez, Mason and Seth, despite the obstacles of very little, icy, leafy snow, have built their snowman! Jordan was inside drying her socks and having hot chocolate. Smart girl.

(Worth clicking on the picture above to see their faces... including the snowman)

Then, this morning....
Hey, where'd the snow go?

All that's left of the snowman/then snowfort:

We've learned to make the most of that most fleeting of pleasures, snow in Charlotte.


Mrs. G. said...

That snowman shows great determination and use of available, though scarce, resources. I admire this kind of dedication. Great photos. When life gives you lemons.

Jan said...

Wow, snow in the South. Love the snow people.

Stephanie S. said...

My two year old still laments, "But the snowman is melted!" It was three weeks ago or so that her and her daddy and brother built that snowman.

Julie Pippert said...

How much fun! Don't you love those special suprises!