Need a Calendar? Love Pioneer Woman?

I bought a Pioneer Woman calendar to let her know "I appreciate what you do!" since I visit her site nearly daily. I figured clicking the ads can only bring in so much, ya know? And I like the calendar... but it's not something I'm going to use. I feel sorry for the cows. I offered the calendar on Freecycle, but it ends up that apparently no one on Freecycle here reads her blog, or if they do, they already have a calendar. I asked people who wanted it to let me know their favorite article, and I'd pick from the responses. I was purposefully vague in my offer - I didn't link to Pioneer Woman, or even hint that it was a blog, because I wanted a true fan to get it. I got two responses, one saying her favorite was Clara Barton, and another saying my post got her excited about googling women pioneers, and she was going to make her daughter write essays about all the ones she found. Lord help her.

Here was the text of my ad:

OFFER: Pioneer Woman 2008 Calendar

Ordered it to help support Pioneer Woman, but it's not something I really want to put up.

Let me know your favorite Pioneer Woman article, and why. I'll pick someone from the responses tomorrow evening.

Now I'm worried the readers of FreeCycle think I have poor grammar and writing skills. (Didn't she mean Pioneer Women? And "article about *a* pioneer woman?" tsk, tsk Her mother should have made her write more essays.)

photo courtesy of Ree, Pioneer Woman

So - here's this calendar, and I know many who read here are fans. (Do I even have many who read here?) Well - of the three of you, if you'd like this lovely, large calendar filled with cows, cowboys, horses and sunsets, leave a comment. I'll draw a name from a hat when I get around to it, and mail the calendar to the winner.

Simple, no? No essays about pioneer women necessary.


Schuyler said...

I don't want the calendar. Simon got this wrestling calendar for Christmas that I think is really targeted at gay young men, the men's bodies glisten and gleam like someone out of Rocky Horror Picture Show. We are wealthy in calendars and poor in walls and hooks to hang them upon.

But I read Pioneer Woman. I read her daily. It is good that she writes daily or I'd get bored.

debby said...

I'd like that calendar.

I would much rather look at cows than men's bodies glistening and gleaming out like someone out of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Does this make me some kind of freak?

I read Pioneer woman every day, and get a kick out of her. I like her photography. I like her life. I repeat to myself daily, "I shalt not covet Ree's life."

Have a good day.

Jill S. said...

I love her blog, love any mention of her and her Marlboro Man. She makes my morning, every single time. Would love the calendar.

diana(hahamommy) said...

throw my name in :)
this is all part of the manifestation I've been working on since she posted pictures of the thing. I can already see it on my wall! ♥

Galavanter said...

I'm pretty sure you have more than three readers - I'm even subscribed!

But alas, no need for a calendar.

Julie Pippert said...

No need for calendar here, thanks, but hope you find the right spot for it to go!