Day 7

At the prompting of Patti Digh (and life, and timing, and the universe), I'm doing one thing every day for 37 Days, and sharing that journey here. You can read about what I'm doing in this post.

I make what the boys and I call Cheezburger kitties - submissions to the I Can Has Cheezburger site. They haven't picked any of them to feature on the site, but it's fun coming up with them!

Awww, my first one:

funny pictures

Seth came up with this one:

funny pictures

I couldn't believe they didn't pick this next one! Guess the Requiem for a Dream reference was a bit much. The kitty doesn't really look like Ellen Burstyn anyway -

funny pictures

I really like the next one of Evan along with Seth's Christmas kitten, Chip:

funny pictures

I also can't believe the following didn't get chosen:

funny pictures

And this next one I just made today, after seeing the picture on a friend's facebook page:

funny pictures

It's just something goofy I do, that I don't tell many people about. Because now, people will think a) I'm a crazy cat lady or b) I live and breathe the I Can Has Cheezburger site, and won't rest until they pick one of my entries.

Neither of those is true. Completely, anyway. ; ) I'm learning to embrace my goofy, non-hip self.

I love the site 'cause it makes me laugh frequently - here is one of my absolute favorites:

wash me

Still makes me laugh.


cynthia said...

these are funny. I call my kitty the granny cat because she is old, cranky and reigns supreme!

kelli said...

We love these too, the combo one cracked me up :)

Jean said...

I miss my kitties so when I need a boost, I do I Can Has Cheeseburger site or Cute Overload.

I love that you revealed this to us!

Thanks for smiles!

piscesgrrl said...

I think those are hiLARious! I'd never have thought to try one of my own... hmmmm.... LOL