Not Back to School

Just a small note to say, I am SO SO glad we're unschoolers, and the boys aren't going "back to school" today.


I've been wanting to say that all day, and I didn't want to post on my facebook wall because many of my friends either teach or have kids in school. I know it's MY wall, but if you're my friend, I've invited you there, basically, and I don't need to be all in-your-face about how awesome it is that Seth's found unschoolers to game with on XBox Live, and Evan is sleeping in, and we're all home, together, and there won't be homework battles or getting-up-early battles, or long bus rides. I won't mention how cool it is that my kids can pee when they need to (without having to ask permission), get food when they want it, chew gum as much as they want, rest when they need to, read or watch TV or play games or cuddle or talk or daydream as they wish. On another day, besides back-to-school day, I may very well post some of that stuff.

But today, I'll just post it here.

Phew. (again) So grateful.

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